Thursday, February 24, 2011

one of the ladies at the shelter, tina, calls me her daughter. she brought me a little plaque that said something about the first day i was in her arms that she knew how special i was, and then today she put a little heart box with chocolates in it on my desk. oh gesh, these ladies are the cutest.

so, i am not sure why tina calls me her daughter. i feel like it has stemed from when she got me that plaque for my birthday. maybe it was the only nice looking one left, and she thought “eh, close enough” and since then has decided to call me her daughter, as a joke of sorts. but i don’t know. maybe it’s more than that. (i doubt she REALLY thinks i am her LEGIT STRAIGHT UP BLOOD daughter, but you know..) i’d like to think that maybe she has this love volcano in her heart, and every once in a while it spills out a little bit to the people around her. and on january sixth, i was in the crosshairs of the love volcano. yeah, i think that’s it.

this weekend, my room mate, hannah, is getting married. i am pretty pumped, because well.. she is getting married to a sweet guy. but also because i get to have a room to myself for the last month i am here. booooyah.

yesterday i was meditating on james 4. how good it is to just sit in the word of the Lord? and i was just thinking about how much i love the “but”s in the bible. you know the ones? “but He gives more grace” “but God raised Him from the dead” “but God being rich in mercy…made us alive” “but God meant it for good” and so on. amen Lord.

thank You for those buts in our life. i am a wretched sinner, but God being rich in mercy, has made us alive. thank You, thank You.

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